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Japanese and Chinese collectionsBeginning in the early 19th century, imported furnishings made its premiere in North America. This increase in Eastern trade helped to supply a large variety of oriental style decor for the masses. Whether it was bamboo, oriental, or Chinese, the consumer market loved the supply.

Chinese decor was the first introduction because of a positive trading relationship with the company. Later, Korea and Japan began sending Asian accessories for sale to the States. Because of their delay, Chinese home accessories were viewed as more valuable. However, in the mid 1900’s the latter began to be recognize as collectible furniture as well.

Japanese and Chinese inspired furnishings and accessories to decorate your home

The vast different between the different types of oriental items makes each piece valuable to the buyer. From tables, chairs, stools, desks, and lamps, Oriental furnishings in a whole are high quality investments for any one’s home decor. The detail taken in making these pieces made them a steal for any home decorator. supplies customers with a large variety of various custom pieces. Whether you care the look of bamboo or more detailed Oriental types, we attempt to supply the largest supply for your complete customer satisfaction. With customers first in mind, we hope to be your continual first stop shop for all home pieces.

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Chinese and Japanese inspired home gifts, artwork and decor is in high demand these days. From Oriental artwork and vases to bamboo tables and bedroom sets, imported furnishings and decor are all over. If you are looking to decorate your living room, bedroom or dining room with an Oriental style we can provide you with the information, tips and resources you will need.

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